Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse HD

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse สไปเดอร์แมน ผงาดสู่จักรวาลแมงมุม

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales, a New York City teenager, is struggling to meet the standards of his father Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis believes that Spider-Man is an imminent threat. Miles is accompanied by Miles through the abandoned station of the subway, where the graffiti artist is attacked by an atomic Spider-Man.

Miles is back at the station, and finds that Wilson Fisk has built a collider. Miles comes back to the station and discovers that a collider was designed by Wilson Fisk. Prowler warns Miles that the device could be a cause of destruction for the city if activated again. Miles flees in terror following the death of Wilson.

Miles is determined to be the next Spider-Man. He is also grieving the death of Spider-Man.

Octavius is chased by Miles and Peter through the lab as well as the forests and the forest. Gwen Stacy is there to help the two. Miles and Peter are pursued by Octavius throughout the lab and into the forest. Miles and Prowler sit down with Miles and then they examine him. Miles is distraught and goes to Aaron’s house to discover that Aaron is actually the Prowler. Miles later returns to May’s house where Peni is just finishing his last drive. He is then chased by Wilson, Prowler and Aaron. Miles captures Aaron during the fight. Miles is then revealed to be his real identity. He’s not ready to murder his nephew. Aaron runs off with Aaron however, Wilson shoots the latter. Jefferson arrives and Miles runs away. Jefferson mistakenly believes that the Spider-Man is Aaron’s killer.

The heroes gathers in the dorm room of Miles. Peter holds Miles hostage to secure him. After that, he departs with the rest of the heroes. He disperses from the group and decides to kill himself in order to trigger the collider. Jefferson then appears outside Miles’s bedroom and apologizes. Jefferson also realizes that Miles is his closest friend and offers to assist Miles. He takes down Wilson with his venom blast, and puts Miles in the kill switch. The collider gets destroyed.

Wilson Fisk and his henchmen were arrested for the crime. Jefferson is aware of the new Spider-Man and is presented with evidence of Wilson’s murders.

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