Godzilla Resurgence2016

Godzilla Resurgence Japan Coast Guard investigates an abandoned boat located in Tokyo Bay. The vessel was destroyed as well as the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line submerged. Rando Yoguchi Chief Secretary and Deputy Secretary suggests that this event might have been caused by some living creature after viewing a viral video.

Yaguchi heads the task force that is investigating the creature. But, the government officials focus on the safety of civilians and the strategy of military. Kayoco Anne Patterson, an American official, is taken to the U.S. to reveal that Goro Maki (a notoriously disgraced and strongly anti-nuclear Zoology professor) had been researching radioactive contamination mutations. He even speculated on the possibility that the creature’s appearance could be caused by radioactive contamination, however, he was disapproved of by American as well as Japanese researchers. The U.S. then prevented him from releasing his findings to the world. Maki was the one to discover the abandoned yacht located in Tokyo Bay. Maki left behind his notes from research that he didn’t put into a number.

After Maki’s research, the creature is renamed Godzilla and arrives at Kamakura on its journey to Tokyo. The Japan Self-Defense Forces are mobilized, but their attacks are unsuccessful and they are pushed out of the city by Godzilla. The U.S. intervenes with a massively-destructive air strike plan, prompting the evacuation of civilians and government personnel. U.S. B-2 Bombers cause serious injury on Godzilla by using MOP bombs. Godzilla quickly recovers and responds with highly destructive atomic rays emanating from its mouth as well as dorsal plates. After exhausted, they destroy the helicopter carrying the prime Minister and other top government officials.

Yaguchi’s team of scientists discovers that Godzilla utilizes its blood and plates to function as cooling systems. They suggest that they could utilize a coagulating agent or a chemical coagulant.

Yaguchi’s team makes a significant breakthrough through the use of origami in order to unravel Goro Maki’s research coded. They alter their strategy and get international recognition to implement their deep freeze plan. A few hours before the nuclear strike scheduled for next week, Japan enacts the deep freeze plan. Godzilla is then compelled to unleash its atomic force and its atomic breath in order to take on American drones. The team explodes explosives in the vicinity of buildings and trains that are sent towards Godzilla’s feet, and then knocks the beast to the ground and giving tankers that are brimming with chemical coagulant the opportunity to blow up Godzilla’s mouth into its. Godzilla remains frozen in place, in spite of the fact that a large number of victims die. The investigation shows that the Godzilla fallout has a small duration and that Tokyo is scheduled to be rebuilt. The international community has the ability to halt the nuclear strike, but does the new Japanese government agreed to this? in the event that Godzilla returns, the threat of a nuclear strike immediately must be executed. The tail of Godzilla is a glimpse of humanoid animals that are frozen in the moment that they are released from the process. Godzilla Resurgence

Godzilla Resurgence (2016) ก็อดซิลล่า: รีเซอร์เจนซ์

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